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Is My Advertising Pays a PTC (Paid To Click) business?

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Paid to click ?

Paid to click ?

Hello people,

Many people get confused with My Advertising Pays and PTC sites and they wonder if MAP is also just another PTC site ?

Well, the short answer to this question is: No, MAP is definitely not a Paid To Click site. Although it does look very similar to a PTC site, but it’s not.

In this article, I will explain how My Advertising Pays is NOT a PTC site and what are the differences between a PTC site and MAP.

There are many ways to differentiate MAP and Paid To Click sites. The biggest difference is that a PTC site will pay you per click.

Difference between PTC sites and MAP? 

For example, if you join Clixsense and click 10 ads and you get say $0.1 per click. You will only make $0.10 per day and that’s it. Not more, not less. It’s fixed and it’s not dynamic.

On the other hand, My Advertising Pays works on the concept of profitshare. It does not pay you to click ads, it shares it’s revenue with the members and the profitshare is not fixed. It varies depending on the marketing share and it’s dynamic.

This is the biggest difference between any paid to click site and MAP. Other than this, PTC sites only pay you pennies and you can’t make big money unless you have thousands of active referrals that are clicking ads under your account.

Contrary to this, My Advertising Pays gives you a reasonable income and you don’t need referrals to make money. Even if you have zero referrals, you will still make decent money with MAP.

All the PTC sites in the world keeps 95% profit themselves and only pay 5% to their members while MAP is opposite to this. It pays 95% profit to it’s members and only keep 5% themselves and they have made billions of dollars by it.

The Referral programs of PTC sites and My Advertising Pays vary greatly. In PTC sites. your personal referrals will only make you pennies of the cents they make. So if they make 0.1$ by clicking 1 ad, you will receive $0.001 as a commission which is extremely low.

On the other hand, if you refer people into MAP, you will receive a 10% commission ($5) for every single credit pack that your referral purchases under your account so it’s a big big difference compared to PTC referral commissions.

Also, PTC sites have the concept of “Rented Referrals”. Basically they allow you to rent referrals, which are mostly bots, for a specific amount of time. Some of these bots will click the ads and mostly will never click a single ad causing you to lose your money and when these “bots” expire, you have to purchase them again.

While in MAP, there is no concept of Renting referrals or buying referrals. Here, you only get real people as your personal referrals. No Automated Bots whatsoever!

If you look it as a whole, you will know what I’m talking about. PTC sites are no REAL money. It only benefits the admins and the owners but not the members. Most of the members are making little to no money and those who are, have invested a hell lot of money and dedicated their soul and life to it.

In MAP, it’s a win to win situation for both the owners as well as the members. Everyone makes money in this business and this is impossible not to make money on this platform.

Many PTC sites are complete scam and disappear after a few months, if not weeks. MAP is a legitimate company which is in business for 2013 and has over 200,000 members as of today and I can safely say that this system is very powerful and definitely NOT a scam.

The traffic on PTC sites never convert because it’s completely filled with poor people that can waste their time clicking ads all the day, just for a few buck. Basically, most of the members are looking for a free way to make money.

On the other hand, My Advertising Pays traffic converts very well because there is no poor member in it. Since it requires a lot of investment, so people who participate are already rich and if they like your product / service, they have no problems purchasing it. People here don’t look for “Free” methods of money-making which basically does not exist.

MAP also has a great community of members that are determined, hard workers, motivating, MASSIVE action takers and people who can invest their time and money and sacrifice their sleep to become successful. So this traffic is indeed, very profitable and converts very well compared to the traffic from PTC sites.

This makes all the PTC sites different from My Advertising Pays platform.

I can go on and on to give the differences but these are the main differences between any Paid To Click site and MAP. I think it will be enough to prove that MAP is different. It’s different from anything you’ve ever seen online :)

So, this brings to an end to this article. I hope it makes sense for the people.

Thanks for reading…

If you’re interested for more information about Paid to Click site, this is an interesting video:

Best iPro Academy 2.0 Review

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ipro academy dashboard

The Owner of iPro Academy, Fred Lam..

fred lam

Since 2007, Fred Lam has worked in web marketing industry. Many of the greatest businesses in the market has worked with Fred. He is a good motivational presenter as well as a excellent web marketer.

In web marketing industry, Fred is considered among the most experienced internet marketer. He also endorse an internet marketing business known as iPro interactive.

A lot of companies in the internet marketing field has worked with Fred’s company. Bad and the good periods have been experienced by Fred in his web marketing travel.

Before he started Web Marketing, Fred Lam was a dish washer. Fred ultimately turned into an experienced online marketer after working as a dish-washer and cook for several years.

One of previous marketing jobs that Fred Lam has been associated with is named LeadsTunnel. This is an online marketing computer software built to help online marketers with their tasks.

Fred is a Google Adwords Licensed Marketing expert and also top affiliate of Clickbank. He goes on to sustain his internet marketing company and coach buyers about online business. The most recent system from Fred Lam is named iPro Academy.

Sneak Peak inside iPro Academy

ipro academy dashboard

In the last Four years, the internet marketing field has drastically modified. Same strategies might not work nowadays that used to work excellent previously. These strategies will do more harm than good.

However iPro Academy works great in the current advertising age and is entirely up-to-date for 2016. This system teaches step-by-step all that you should understand about digital marketing.

Several useful modules are provided within the member’s area of iPro Academy. The paid advertising area will coach you on using Google Adwords, Fb adverts and Bing to drive website visitors to your site.

There are numerous methods coached to decrease the expense of utilizing Google Adwords account which allows you to drive targeted prospects for cheap and obtain a gain on your investment.

Million Dollar Training module is also included inside the course. Fred teaches everything you need to learn about producing millions of dollars on the web inside of this section.

Additionally, there are Live Training Sessions covered in your member’s area. You are able to personally speak with Fred and ask questions in these live training classes.

Even better, you will have access to different instructors in your iPro Academy account. You are able to ask any questions to these instructors and they’re going to assist you with the course and give suggestions to boost your chances of achievement.

Within the member’s area, there is a personal online community. Different marketing experts are able to assist you to know more within the community.

Somebody will recognize your needs and will be ready to assist you to undergo with the problem. This isn’t a community that you can discover somewhere else online.

This particular private online community is just accessible by the users of iPro Academy. Inside community, you can make lots of close friends and obtain support from many different users along the way.

Finding A Good Clickbank Product To Promote

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take surveys for cash clickbank

clickbank products

Hey everyone,

This is gonna be a short article today and I’m gonna teach you how to find a good Clickbank product to promote.

Many people, especially beginners get started with affiliate marketing but they don’t know what they should promote or they chose the wrong product!

It’s very important to choose the right products to promote because if you choose the wrong products, you will be fighting battle with your conversions and end up making no sales.

It’s the first most important step in building a successful affiliate business online. So make sure you do it right.

Let’s get started choosing a Clickbank product to promote.

The first step is to go to the Clickbank Marketplace and from the left tab, decide about the category. I recommend the “E-Business & E-Marketing” and the “Health and Fitness” category, simply because it’s the most popular ones on the entire Clickbank Marketplace and got a ton of products to chose from. So once you decided about the category, click on it or you can also break it down further and click a sub category. In this specific example, I just click the “E-Business & E-Marketing” category.


clickbank categories

On the next page, from “Sort Results By” drop down menu, select “Popularity” and it will sort all the products in my category by the popularity.

Right off the bat, I started to see some great products coming in. Now there are lots of products to chose from, and the question is which one should you really promote?

Well, there are many schools of thoughts about this but here’s how I personally do it.

My Criteria:

  • Make sure that the product gravity is above 50 (higher the better)
  • Make sure that the product at least pay 50% commission for each sale (You don’t want to make pennies)
  • Make sure that the “Avg $ / rate” is high enough.
  • Make sure that the sales page looks good and has a presentation video (This stuff converts great)

take surveys for cash clickbank

In this specific example, I have decided to promote “Take Surveys For Cash” and you can see why I made that decision. First off, it has a high gravity which means that the product is pretty popular and is converting GREAT. Secondly, I see that I get 25$/ sale on average which is pretty sweet and also the Commission is 75% which is the highest I can get on the entire Clickbank Marketplace. I have also checked the sales page and it looks great. It also has a presentation video. So this product meets all my criteria and checklist so I decided to promote it.

Now, you need to click the red “Promote” button and generate an affiliate link. Once your affiliate link has been generated, simply copy that and start promoting the product as an affiliate.

Using Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

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Google Keyword Competition

keyword research

Hello everyone,

As you may already know that Keyword Research is the first step to building an online business. You need to pick up the right keywords and target the right niches before you even think about doing anything else.

I can’t emphasize that enough. Because if you picked up the wrong keywords, you will be fighting an uphill battle with search engines which you will NOT win. So, you need to chose your keywords wisely.

Now, the question is, how do we pick up the right keywords ?

Well, I’m going to answer the above question in this article.

First of all, you need to decide about your target market BEFORE doing any keyword research. You need to decide your niche. For this specific example, I have decided the “Weight Loss” as my niche. Yours can be different.

So after you have decided about your target niche/ market, you can move on to find related keywords in that market. I recommend picking up long tail keywords simply because are much more easier to rank than short tail keywords.

Remember, the longer tail and more specific the keyword is, the lower will be the competition and higher will be the commercial value.

The shorter tail and broader the keyword is, higher will be the competition and lower will be the commercial value.

Okay, so let’s get started with the keyword research.

First of all, you need to go to keyword planner

You will need a free Google account to use keyword planner. If you don’t have one, simply signup. If you have it already, just login and then you will see a window like this:

keyword planner

Here, you need to click “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”, then enter your keyword(s) and click “Get Ideas” at the bottom. I typed “how to lose fat” in this example. You can type whatever you want.

typing keywords in keyword planner tool

Now you need to click on “Keyword Ideas” instead of “Ad group ideas” and it will show you a long list of keywords to look at:

keyword ideas keyword planner

Right off the bat, you can see great keywords shown up. I like keywords with high CPC and the competition listed as “low”, but i double check it.

Here’s my criteria:

  • Keywords that have a minimum of $1 “Suggested Bid” (higher the better)
  • Competition listed as “Low”
  • At least 3,000 searches per month globally (higher the better)
  • allintite: competition is under 30,000 or better under 15,000 (the lower the better)

Let’s say i picked up the keyword “How to lose stomach fat”.

Then i will go to Google.com and do a search for allintitle:”How to lose stomach fat” to check the competition like this:

Google Keyword Competition

In this case it’s only 8,690 results which is the “true” competition and it’s under 10,000 which means that the competition is not too high. So this is definitely a good keyword to target and rank in Google.

I like finding keywords that have high search volumes, listed as “low” in keyword planner and when you do an allintitle search, the result is under 1,000. Because that’s a low hanging fruit and you can easily easily rank it on page one.

You really don’t need fancy and expensive keyword tools for keyword research. The best keyword tool is your brain. So think different, stand out of the box, be creative and find keywords from a different angle. If you do keyword research this way, you will be able to find great high search volume keywords with low competition that are profitable.

So that’s all about keyword research. It’s all about using your brain. You really don’t need any keyword tool other than the free keyword planner. That’s all you need to find great keywords.